Key Features
Ideal for a wide range of desk-based
activities,ensuring your body can relax
during leisure pastimes
Portable, foldable and compact
For comfortable leisure use on bed, in sofa,
on beach, in park, and other places where
normal tables cannot be found
Quick and simple to set up, adjust and fold
Prevents pains and strains caused by
computing/reading in bed or on your lap
Freely adjustable height: from 5cm to 33cm
(FD201); from 5cm to 40cm (FD301)
Freely adjustable viewing angle:
from 0° to 90°
Stopper and elastic band prevent
laptop/booksfrom sliding
Small 'V' shape cut out of desktop edge to aid mouse cable
Available as quick-to-set-up version FD201 and super-versatile version FD301
Available in five different colours: beechwood, blue, green, red, and pink
Dimensions when fully folded:
62cm × 42cm × 4cm
Desktop dimensions: 48cm × 30cm
Holds up to 5Kg, strong enough for a 17" laptop
EU and US patented

Ever feel pain while computing or reading in bed? then LeisuPod is the answer. Taking away the restrictions of normal tables, LeisuPod is a flexible and foldable desk that can be used in bed, on sofa, in the garden, on the beach, virtually anywhere! LeisuPod's unique design provides comfort and convenience for all kinds of tasks you wish to enjoy at leisure.

LeisuPod: What Leisure Computting Should Be
Remember the times when you tried to rest your laptop on your legs? You can't really forget the pain & fatigue after just a few minutes, or the pins and needles you ended up with. Those discomforts destroy the idea of leisure, doesn't it?  
This is where LeisuPod desks come to the rescue. They liberate you from those awkward back-arching and neck-straining postures, by taking the weight off your body and bringing the laptop up to your level, at the angle you choose.
LeisuPod: What Leisure Life Should Be
LeisuPod can support all your hobby’s accessories or work desk’s essentials, from laptop computers to paintbrushes. There’s no real limit to the number of uses! Surfing the net, reading, drawing, typing, eating, painting, playing games... LeisuPod flexible desks come in handy for just about any sit-down pastime. So, whether you’re an artist or a computer geek, a reader or a chess player, these amazing products will prove invaluable, day after day.
LeisuPod: the Foldable Desk always Stays with You
Unlike a conventional desk, LeisuPod can be folded entirely flat so itís easy to store, carry and pack. When itís not in use, it will fit neatly into a corner or cupboard and, because itís so simple to set up, you can, as if by magic, produce a table from nowhere and get straight down to the task in hand. Then you can get that much more enjoyment from it.
Thanks to this portable feature, LeisuPod foldable desks can go wherever you go! They’re great to use in any room around the house (especially in bed, where tables cannot reach) but are also ideal when travelling. On your lawn, by the river, lying on the sofa, or while you’re on the move – LeisuPod desks are handy anywhere and everywhere. After all, popping one in the car is no problem at all. Just imagine how it could add to a leisurely day out in the country!
LeisuPod: Where Computting for Business Meets Computting for Leisure
Allowing you to relax over your work, LeisuPod foldable desks provide a smooth and secure surface in the absence of a table. However, placing them on top of a table will give you an optimum viewing angle and even enable you to use a standard-sized keyboard underneath. All of a sudden, laptop computing becomes more enjoyable and lets you combine business with leisure.
Yes, LeisuPod flexible desks allow you to alter both the angle and height of the desktop. You can fix them up for your particular situation, propping up magazines and books or placing laptops down flat at the right distance from your eyes. What's more, a plastic stopper and an elastic band secure everything in place so there's no risk of slipping off, even at a 90 degree angle!
LeisuPod: Simple & Easy
Setting your desk up into the perfect position couldn't be easier. Flick up the little convex levers on either side of the leg joints and adjust the height and angle as you wish. Once in position, simply push the convex levers back down to lock and hold. No tools or skills required - it's as easy as that.
LeisuPod: Foldable Desks Personalized to Your Taste
For varying levels of adjustment, LeisuPod foldable desks are available with legs of two or three sections. FD201 is the two-section version, which is quicker to fix up and fold away. However, FD301 has the three sections and allows for greater versatility so you can be sure of getting that perfect angle.
With desktops in a range of five different colours, your LeisuPod will be certain to suit you and your own personal tastes. In beechwood (colour code M), blue (L), green (G), red (R), or pink (P), the LeisuPod foldable flexible desk of your choice will not only be great to use but just as good to look at!
Of a high-quality, LeisuPod desks are strong enough to take up to 5Kg, which means that even a 17” laptop will be safe and sound on one of these, not to mention your favourite books or board games. As well as keeping your computer safe, these specially designed products enable easier use of the mouse. A small cut-out section on the desktop edge provides a space for the mouse cable, helping you to control and guide it. Yes, every last detail has been thought of so you can sit back and bask in the freedom LeisuPod provides!
Old or young, creative or technical, tall or short, adventurer or home-lover – LeisuPod foldable flexible desks can benefit everyone, no matter who you are or where you are. So now you can start to take full advantage of the portable side of your laptop and make your leisure time more enjoyable, not to mention comfortable. LeisuPod: what leisure computing should be!